Our motivation

Our marvellous Siberians:

  • Their beauty is authentic, they present a long hair coat similar to the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest cats, typical characteristic of cold weather. The Siberians are big cats, ranging from 4 to 9 kg and very good hunters. When a Siberian cat is in front of you, its eyes bring you to the past, to the original unmodified Siberian cat. Impressive.
  • These cats are extremely intelligent and faithful to all the members of the family. They come to the door once you come back home, they search for any missing family member, they can even open doors! They are called the cat-dogs and we cannot do anything but confirm this name.
  • Our Siberians have pedigrees, which were intensively and closely studied, to get as close as possible to the original Siberian. This has lead us to being part of the International Siberian Breeders Club and travel through Russia, Poland or Italy.
  • That purity in their pedigree is the one allowing our Siberians to live with allergic owners. Yes, their production of Fel D1 allergen is extremely low, which is the main allergen causing more than 85% of the cat allergies.

Our pure Siberians are our passion and our pride.

If you are reading these lines, I invite you to join this marvellous world and get to know such exceptional cats.